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Und zo, Vot if you are a famous Austrian Psychologist? Vere vould you go for your veb site?

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When the all Australian natural ingredients romantic products manufacturer Sensuous wanted a website they chose Let's Do It!

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Another Bureau wanted the power of the Let's Do It! website to drive their business.

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If you were the top Real Estate Salesperson in the country (and you were married to the guy who owns Let's Do It!) there is no question as to which site you would choose.

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Old ComputerIan Harvey has been playing with computers since 1975. In those days they were monsters, took up a whole room, ran on punched cards and needed their own airconditioning.

Ian's experience in a wide variety of computer systems since then left a lasting impression on him. The important thing for him is that the computer is a tool that needs to conform to our requirements and not the other way around.

In the 1980's he was involved in a motorcycle franchise sales outlet in Auckland New Zealand, and needed a computer system that would assist salespeople with added value sales. With no formal qualifications, Ian wrote software to achieve better profit results for his own business. This was a full Finance and Insurance package that received country wide acceptance within the Motor Industry over the next eight years.

The most important element of sofware Ian writes is that it is able to be used by people with little or no experience with computers.

Since the introduction of the internet in the 90's Ian has been at the edge experimenting with new technologies and ways to influence people via this exciting new media.

He wrote a book on HTML Email Marketing in 1999 at a time when many critics felt that was an abuse of the technology (it is now common place). Built a video sharing system 2 years before YouTube burst on the scene and designed a number of special application websites still in use today.

Essentially Ian wants to make otherwise complex matters simple for the average person to understand and work with.

In 2003 Ian embarked on the development of the Let's Do It! Web System.

The development principles of the Let's Do It! system are:

  • Must be available at a reasonable price
  • Must be able to incorporate the latest technologies as they are developed.
  • Must be able to be maintained by the Site Owner
  • Must rank well on search engines

These princples are achieved by the following:

  • Let's Do It! build the site's look and feel leaving only the content to be maintained
  • The icon based administration system is simple for anyone to follow
  • All clients use the same system, they just use it in different ways
  • All continuing development is suggested by existing clients.
  • Updates are free and covered by the annual fee which also covers hosting, backups etc.

This means that:

  • The cost of development is low since there is no unique coding required
  • The cost of ongoing is low
  • There is no steep learning curve

We operate out of the Gold Coast in Australia and have affiliates in India and Auckland, New Zealand