Thanks for checking out this page. We outline on this page some of the website features available on the Let's Do It! site. The Let's Do It! site is fully featured and, even if you don't have us involved in your web solution, we hope this will give you some ideas to make sure that your web developer does include at least some of these website features.

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What is the Let’s Do It!™ Web Structure and how much does it cost?

Let’s Do It! Web is a state-of-the-art, interactive, self managed, database driven web structure especially developed for people who want to be able to control their own website. A full CMS system that enables you to make any changes you want yourself and thus save yourself time and money.

The web has become a resource by which people can get information quickly. So we favour utility over fancy design. Let’s Do It! Web is designed for maximum utility, speed of navigation and ease of self administration.

This means visitors are able to navigate to the desired information quicker and you are able to maintain the site easily without having to wait for a webmaster to do the work and pay through the nose for it. To see the pricing of the various models of the Let's Do It! website scroll to the bottom of this page.

LDI LogoWhat makes a Let's Do It! website different?

We have built an inclusive web structure with specific website features that satisfy the requirements of 99% of all business types. We provide the same structure to all of our clients, they just use different bits. We do not build unique sites (although they may look unique and may be used in unique ways).

Our upgrade policy is simple: If any idea makes the whole structure better we will build it. All development to date has been the result of user recommendations. These updates are free to existing site holders.

We believe in empowering people to control their own sites and are always available to train you to do anything you want to on your site. This saves you time and money.

By following this simple philosophy and building state-of-the-art website features we can keep the cost low and the support requirement to a minimum.

What's involved in developing my Let's Do It! site?

There are three phases to the development of your Let's Do It! website:

  • Planning and design - This is where we sit with you and together come up with the look and feel of your site. We effectively provide the packaging for your website content.
  • Populating and educating - This is where we teach you by example how simple it is to populate your site and help you build the pages.
  • Going live - This is where, after you have satisfied yourself with the design and completed the minimum amount of content entry required, we throw the switch and allow the world to see your masterpiece.

From the very beginning of this process we support you and the site in getting the very best from your investment. There is a monthly hosting, support and upgrade fee for this as shown below.

What's NOT in the Let’s Do It! Packages?

I put this paragraph here so it does not look like I have hidden it down the bottom out of sight and will gleefully refer to it later as a rebuttal of claims that might come up. Fact is, anything we identify as beneficial for a number of our users either is already, or will be, developed and made available for all through our upgrade policy. That having been said, this is not really "What's NOT in the package" but what is, or should be, generally understood to be an additional and separate service available for websites. And that's Search Engine Optimisation or SEO.

SEO comes in two forms: On-page and Off-page. On-page is every thing that can be done ON THE SITE to make sure that the site meets the requirements of Search engines in terms of keywords, descriptions, tabs and other criteria defined by the Search Engines etc. Off-page SEO on the other hand is everything else (OFF THE SITE) to point people in the direction of the site, like social media etc. Our system covers all On-page requirements. Off-page SEO measures are by there very nature independent of the site itself. Hence the proliferation of SEO services now available.

What's in the Let’s Do It! Packages?

We offer a feature rich package with a number of add-on modules for special requitrements. What follows is a features list (as of June 2012). Additional functionality is included in upgrades of the web template.

The 'Easy' Package

Site Admin Features

  • Icon driven interface makes setting up and maintaining your site simple
  • Works on touch screens i.e. Apple iPads, iPhones and Android
  • Set up your own screen layouts
  • Enter new payment gateways
  • Allows you to set up and change menu items, change menu display sequence and easily create new drop down menus
  • Enter internal search engine optimization (meta tags, meta descriptions and tab names) for every page.
  • Set scripts in the Head area e.g. Google Analytics
  • Maintain your own contact details and passwords
  • Copy function makes page creation easier

Page Generator
The real power of the Let's Do It system. Build your site the way you want it

  • Create as many new pages as you like - no limits
  • Set forms on your page so visitors can contact you
  • New pages can contain a "buy now" feature linked to a payment gateway
  • Display / Hide pages – direct clients to a hidden page by sending the URL in an email
  • Use external URL feature to send a visitor to another page or another website
  • Enter up to 50,000 character text detail
  • Add images, video, audio, internal and external links and document downloads
  • Set a page to drop off display at a pre determined date
  • Build your own menu with drop downs
  • Can include plugins like Subscription, Member login, Schedule, Refferals, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Change the name and display sequence for any page
  • Password protect new pages so that only selected people can see them
  • Copy your pages
  • Secured or unsecured file delivery such as pdf download etc.
  • Create as many screen layouts as you want (effectively build additional sites within your site)
  • The page generator has been used for:
    • Homepage
    • Contact Us page
    • About Us
    • Article delivery
    • Event/Product sales
    • Blog links
    • Portfolios
    • External links
    • Testimonials
    • FAQ
    • even Feature lists (like this one)

Formatting Features
Easy to design, makes your site impressive

  • A fully functional editor gives you complete control over your contents in a similar way to a word processor
  • Images, video, audio and document downloads can easily be added to any page
  • Add internal SEO on all pages - helps the SEO spiders to rank your site
  • Set Google Analytics and other tracking scripts on any page
  • Favicons (little icons) are used on the browser tabs
  • Spell check is available on all your pages. This is a download from your browser program.

Dynamic Form Generator Features
Get feedback, harvest emails or information easily

  • Design your own forms with the dynamic form generator available on all created pages.
  • This tool contains the following features:
  • 6 different types of fields can be used including text, memo, select menu, radio button, check box and label
  • Fields can be set as required or not
  • Code verification is automatically added to every form to avoid auto spamming.
  • Add a response message that displays once form is submitted
  • Can generate emails to target as well as admin
  • Allows downloads on the response page

Advertising module
Use advertising to publicise your special promotions

  • Create graphic and text advertisements to appear in advertising columns or your banner area (left and right)
  • Ads automatically start after start date and drop off after set expiry date
  • Ads appear on selected pages or can be set to randomly appear on any pages pages.
  • Determine the sequence of the ads on each page
  • Ads can contain internal or external links, images, video, audio and document downloads
  • This function also improves your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Media Gallery
Categorise and store media files

  • Images, Video, Audio and Documents can be uploaded into the gallery and used for other pages and/or on the public gallery
  • Images can be resized when displayed on any pages
  • Enter text against images for display in the galleries
  • Images can be set as public or private (public means display in public gallery)
  • Images can be set as copyrighted and not allow users to save as...
  • Multiple public galleries allows you to separate your images into categories (Hi-res promo shots, normal photos)
  • Light box display makes the viewing of your images much more interesting
  • Determine the display order on the public galleries.

Schedule/Events System
Show viewers your schedule or events so they know where you are and when

  • Enter schedule cover data as text, video and/or audio
  • Schedule items automatically drop off so you do not need to manually remove outdated notices.
  • Optional Extras (free)
  • Sites stats - You can view all statistics from the admin site so you can establish the popularity, best pages, entry pages.
  • A free blog page if you want it
  • Social network links - Link your site to FaceBook, Twitter, Linked in and any other network you want
  • Translation - Convert any page into up to 8 languages at the click of a button
  • Set specific related calculators on your site
  • Embed RSS feeds onto your site easily.

Marketing Campaigns via subscriptions
Actively promote to your market

  • Double opt-in protection against malicious subscription
  • Automatic subscribe/unsubscribe driven by the subscriber
  • Admin control over all subscribers
  • Import/Export subscription list using common csv file format
  • Manually add subscribers
  • Search option by email address
  • Remove duplicates using email address
  • Set up as many groups as you require. Subscribers select which groups they wish to subscribe to at the time of registration
  • Subscription uses code verification – avoiding robot subscription and spam list harvesting

Be proactive

  • Automatic subscription welcome newsletter is sent out when subscription confirmed.
  • Easy creation of HTML newsletters
  • Each newsletter can be personalized with first/last name, company name and email address in subject and body using the subscription system
  • You can choose to use a top and/or bottom banner or no banners at all
  • Automatically adds “Unsubscribe”, “Subscribe a friend” and your company details so you comply with Australian spam laws
  • Set the from address so replies can be controlled
  • Select groups, individuals or members as recipients
  • Set pause control on delivery so that your server can cope with the number of emails without seeing it as spam
  • Records history of all outgoing mail

Multiple Site Option

Set up as many sites as you want under the one administration system. You can set up different themes (screen layouts), different colour schemes (via css) and different menu structures for as many sites as you want. Then redirect the domain to a specific page on the site. Each site can have up to as many as 7 different menu positions and sites can look totally different.

'BWTM "But wait - there's more'

There are a number of additional modules that make up specific requirements for certain site owners. These can be added to the 'Easy Package' package.

Shopping Cart
Add any product or service with text, video and audio promotion

  • Products can be listed against multiple categories and sub categories
  • Select price and currency
  • Line based, order based or quote shipping type
  • Set up various shipping fees based on post code, order or line data
  • You can specify any number of payment options (PayPal, EWay)
  • Once an item is in the shopping cart check out notice is displayed and user may continue shopping
  • Can sell electronic and physical product on the same order
  • Set product attributes which includes sizes, colours each with their own prices
  • Quantity break pricing
  • Different sort order for same product in different categories/ sub categories
  • Voucher system that will allow % or $ value discount on specific product/category or entire order or against shipping
  • Voucher system can also force a delivery address. E,.g. free shipping when sent to a hospital.
  • Special member pricing (if you are running the membership module)
  • Orders are sent to a nominated email address for you to action
  • Electronic product is sent via an email directing them to a download page
  • View order history and update fulfilment details against each order

Gives clients the ability to book your time

  • Selected members (Bureaus, Meeting Planners etc) can be given access to your calendar and can enter holds, release holds and set confirms
  • Each action on the calendar will send you an email confirm i.e. holds, confirms
  • Each day is split into 4 hour segments allowing multiple bookings on the one day
  • Selected members with access can see what spaces you have and select available times for engagements
  • Members with access can enter full data about a job including date, time, venue, client, audience size, type, subject, special instructions, contact emails, briefing date gross and net fees, flight/transfer/accommodation detail etc.

Spaced Marketing Module
Maintain contact and income data

  • Similar to newsletters only it sends a whole program of personalized newsletters to members at predetermined times
  • Set up article series in advance
  • Define frequency (# days after purchase)
  • Can be used to sell downloads through the shopping cart or used in a promotion programme
  • Requires Scheduled jobs option on hosting service

Membership System
Provide special members with access to hidden pages, product promotion, calendar and networking

  • Admin can set up any number of membership types each with their own term, joining fee, membership fee, late rejoin fee and special menu items.
  • Terms can be # months or specified date. The system will work out the fee for specific date depending on join date.
  • System will remind paying members about renewals close to lapsing time.
  • Members can add multiple products or services to their profile and advertise themselves through the site.
  • Create and send special personalised newsletters to member groups.
  • Members can be allocated against chapters or groups.
  • Member lists are sorted according to your choice.
  • Import/export members from standard csv format lists.
  • Members can be given specific and unique pricing on products available within the shopping cart.
  • You can add multiple notes to members.
  • Self confirm or admin confirm each member type.
  • You are sent an email when someone applies for membership and you choose to accept or deny applications.
  • Members can add a calendar to each product/service if appropriate.
  • You can even load help pages for your members.

On-Line Service Facility
Chat to your site visitors

Watch your site visitors wandering around your site and tap them on the shoulder when ever you want.

Bureau structure
Especially written for Bureaus who sell speakers and entertainers and containing great search and enquiry feateures. Contact us for more information

You can also have a service chat room installed with full reporting and email generation if you want to monitor your site visitor and provide instant help.

Let's Do It! Technical Features

  • Context sensitive help screens some of which contain video explanations and samples
  • Set the screen to your own requirements Can use 100% of the screen or limited to whatever size you want.
  • Database powered by MS SQL
  • Internet Code powered by ASP
  • Hosted in Australia by offering 99.9% uptime

Let's Do It (Qld) Pty Ltd hold copyright to all Intellectual Property on the site (web structure). You hold copyright in any material that you place on the site but you do not hold any ownership rights in the system itself. You also indemnify Let's Do It! from any copyright infringement that you may have effected with your content.

Package Pricing - Here's the really good bit


Get started (setup)

Breathe Easy*


$1,950 plus GST (if applicable)

$49.00 per month plus GST if applicable


Quote per module selected

Quote per module selected

* Breathe Easy refers to the ongoing monthly charge for Hosting, Support, Upgrades, Hand Holding, Help Desk Support, Unlimited Emails, free upgrades and system backups.

Payment terms

Deposit 50% of setup costs and balance paid when site goes live.
Breathe Easy is paid 12 months in advance or can be by direct debit on the 1st of each month.
Upgrades are free if deemed of value to all users. Special upgrades are quoted prior to development.

Just remember - You are never on your own!

After setting up the site and going live we continue to support you by training you in the use of the system and always being available as a backup , support and education. In addition we take a daily backup of the system so your site is always secure. We provide your site hosting and scheduled site upgrades within the monthly fee.

If you have specific questions please call Ian on +61 (0) 7 5571 5335